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Lost in Books


Dodie Hamilton, The Spiritual Midwife, is known throughout the world for her work in psychic counselling and Healing, her particular interest being the Out-of-Body and the Near Death Experience. Over thirty years she's given countless private consultations and appeared in numerous Mind, Body, & Spirit Festivals.


Dodie Hamilton


He was a wild Angel, a dangerous Angel, beautiful and proud. He was here on the Earth to learn. He didn’t want to learn. He wanted one thing and one thing only, the girl, His Other Self, and He would do anything to find her and to keep her.

Reluctant Angels is Dodie's latest novel. First of the Gabriel Templar Quartet it begins in 1934 and takes the Novice Angel through his early years until the day before he meets his Other Self, Adelia.

"Daisy Bourne (Rose Griffin) is a creative writer, public speaker and the author of The Tales of Avalon series, a collection of nine fantasy books inspired by what may have happened after the death of King Arthur. Written under the pseudonym of Daisy Bourne, Rose has created an enchanting world of magic and adventure around King Arthur and the people of Avalon, Merlin, Lennox the Unicorn, magical beings and many more delightful characters. The first three books in the series are already published and the 4th and 5th are due to be published in 2018."


Daisy Bourne, Rose Griffin

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