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Daniel Miekle is a mixed media artist with a spontaneous approach to his work which explores texture and mark making to find the state between creation and destruction.

This exhibition brings together 5 years of studio practice since joining Synchro studios in Leigh on Sea in 2014.He create figurative paintings, rendered in an expressionist style that attempt to capture the human form in a state between creation and destruction. The figures are seemingly being formed and falling apart simultaneously. Using sporadic mark making and energetic drawing methods, Miekle aims to capture a sense of anxiety and isolation. Working as instinctively and spontaneously as possible as to not overthink or add unnecessary complexity to the process. Painting directly onto found surfaces such as board and cardboard, He explores a range of materials both traditional and unconventional. Acrylic paint, block printing ink, emulsion, mortar, charcoal and tippex among others.  using art purely as expression and therefore try to avoid allowing the work to become a decoration. To me it is a type of therapy and the process of painting is probably the closest I get to achieving presence of mind. I work at a fast pace and try to avert from overworking the image, allowing it to stay fresh and raw. My influences are embedded in 20th century art history, most notably expressionism/neo expressionism. Artists such as Alberto Giacometti, Francis Bacon and Frank Auerbach have helped direct my practice.

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