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A massive thank you to everyone who supported us last year.


In 2019 we gave over 7000 lifts via our community transport service, welcomed around 375 people to our community clubs and befriended 350 people (face to face and telephone). We take around 50 calls a day for advise, support and information.

You can help us ensure these services continue in so many ways. Organise a Facebook birthday fundraiser,  volunteer your time, consider leaving a legacy, attend our events or even organise your own fundraiser for us. If you are able to spare just £5 per month you could become one of our regular donator supporters. Call the team on 01702 345373

or email to find out more

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St Laurence Orchard


The historic St Laurence Orchard situated near Southend Airport is managed by Trust Links on behalf of Southend Borough Council.

 The site is very tranquil and offers a quiet, peaceful space for people and wildlife. The orchard is planted with apple, pear and plum trees and offers an abundant harvest.

We run working party days to restore and maintain the orchard. Volunteers are always welcome. Hot drinks and tools are provided but volunteers need to bring their own lunch. There are no more work parties running this year; see below for the dates of our 2020 work parties, all are welcome. For more information, or to arrange a work party for your business or group, get in touch with us on 01702 213134.

Work Party Dates in 2020:

 Monday 2nd March

 Monday 11th May

 Monday 1st June

 Monday 6th July

 Monday 7th September

 Monday 28th September

St Laurence Orchard

Eastwoodbury Lane





Tel: 01702 213 134

E-mail: office@trustlinks.orgSt Laurence Orchard

Eastwoodbury Lane





Tel: 01702 213 134


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From Monday 30th March, the local hospice charity is encouraging those who usually dye their hair and unable to get to the hairdressers during these unprecedented times, to share photos or videos of their growing roots on their social media channels whilst nominating their friends to get involved and also donate.

For those people who don’t dye their hair, they m ay want to get people to sponsor them to grow their hair out or even to shave it off instead.Pets such as dogs can also get involved too now dog grooming shops are closed – everyone can be a ‘Havens Hair Hero’!

 “We have already had a nurse from Fair Havens sign up ‘baring her roots’ and a gentleman who is collecting sponsorship to shave his head – he has raised an amazing £300 already! We can’t wait to see everyone’s hair – Whether you bare your roots, grow your hair or shave your head you will be a ‘Havens Hair Hero!’”


How to get involved!

We are asking people to nominate friends, share photos and make a suggested donation of £3 or any amount no matter how small, via our Just Giving team page:


You can join either join the Havens Hospices team on this page and encourage others to sponsor you via JustGiving or people can also donate via and click on the ‘donate’ button.


Don’t forget to tag @HavensHospices in your posts on social media with the #BareYourRoots and #HavensHairHero hashtags. Share your hair updates either at the end of the campaign or at the end of each week. The campaign will finish once the hairdressers and barbers open again.

  Havens Hospices provides palliative nursing and supportive care to adults, young people and children living with complex or incurable conditions across Essex. The hospice is still caring for patients at the hospices and in the community at this time and it is vital they continue to raise money for the hospice so they can provide the care their patients need.

  Lydia Plews, Havens Hospices’ Senior Business Development Officer initiated the campaign and the charity is a cause very close to her heart as her mother Mary was cared for at Fair Havens Hospice. Mary, 54, was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in April 2010. By then it had already spread to her liver and bones and she was given 12 months to live. In June 2012 she was admitted to Fair Havens Hospice where she died on 9th July 2012.

 Lydia says, “During my mum’s time at the hospice, the doctors and nurses were brilliant. In her last two weeks, the hospice arranged pull out beds for my sister and I to sleep on – nothing was too much trouble. She was absolutely clear she didn’t want to die at home so to be at the hospice being cared for by a trained palliative care team – who involved us in everything – was just amazing.”


Lydia wants as many people to get involved as possible to help raise money for the hospice during this difficult time in light of the charity having to postpone their vital fundraising events.  She says, “My mum was a nurse at Southend Hospital, and I know if she was here, she would still be working. The hospice needs even more support now than ever before during these tough times and I thought this would be a fun way for people to communicate with their friends whilst stuck at home as well as raise money at the same time.”


#BareYourRoots and be a Havens Hair Hero Havens Hospices is today launching a digital campaign to get people to ‘bare their roots’ and raise vital funds for the charity while hairdressers are closed.

The good news is that there are still ways that you can help make this happen, no matter how big or small your contribution:


Set up a small regular donation – just £5 a month will help us plan our care for months to come

Sign up to our Havens Hospices Lottery – only £1 a week with a chance of winning up to £10,000!

Leave a gift on your Will – this won’t cost you a penny now, but will ensure your legacy continues with Havens Hospices after you have died

Sign up to a fundraising event later in the year – keep an eye on our website as we’re looking at exciting and innovative ways to raise money and still support Havens Hospices

About The J’s

The J’s provides palliative nursing and supportive care to young adults between the ages of 16-40 who live in Essex, diagnosed or living with complex or incurable conditions.

  Our specialist Care Team can support a young adult and their family throughout illness, death and bereavement, enabling them to retain their independence, in the comfort of their own home and through support groups in the community.

 We will also support young people transitioning out of children’s care, perhaps from a children’s hospice or paediatric consultant.

 Please note - If you are planning on visiting either one of our hospices or any of patients within the community, please be aware of the latest government advice regarding the recent Coronavirus outbreak. For more information visit the official government website.


Together we're 'Making every day count.'

Our hospice care can only exist because of the generosity from the community. Your support means we can continue ‘Making every day count’ for the adults and children we care for, as well as their families.



The J’s

119 Newland Street




Address: Little Havens, Daws Heath Road, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 2LH


Fair Havens

Address: 226 Priory Crescent, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 6PR

 Questions and queries about Havens Hospices

If you have an urgent care enquiry, please call 01702 220350

Essex Mark Master Masons have given a massive £92,548 to help purchase and equip the new Fair Havens Hospice in Priory Crescent, Southend, with 17 specialist electronic beds. It is one of the largest donations ever made by the Order in Essex and will enable the Hospice to better deliver its palliative nursing and supportive care to adults and children living with complex or incurable conditions.

The money, donated via The Mark Benevolent Fund, has already been received by the Hospice allowing them to purchase the beds, costing £5,300 each for all of its in-patient bedrooms and an additional consulting room and on Tuesday (March 3rd) Terence Sheern, Provincial Grand Master for Essex Mark Master Masons was guest of honour at Fair Havens to see first hand the difference they have made.

 “This project is another example of how Masons and in this case Mark Master Masons, continue to support local charities and communities,” said Mr Sheern. “We all know of the incredible work undertaken by Fair Havens and other Hospices across the country and I am delighted that we have been able to make such a difference.”

 Funding for the project was agreed as a direct result of an initiative by Bob Harvey, who is himself a Mark Master Mason and who together with his wife Margaret has been a volunteer at Havens for a combined total of 47 years.


Essex Mark Master Masons donate £92,000  to help Fair Havens

Lydia Plews

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