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The Spoken Word

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meets at 8.00pm on the first Wednesday of each month at the Naval and Military Club, 20 Royal Terrace, Southend-on-Sea, Essex. SS1 1DU map

(note this is a members club, so you will need to ring the bell to be let in)


Meetings usually take the form of a presentation and discussion of a poet or topic, followed, if time allows, by a brief workshop session when members can read their own work.

Activities include joint meetings with other Poetry or Writers' Groups, occasional public readings, and publication of the annual "Southend Poetry" anthologies.

There is no formal membership - anyone is welcome to the meetings - and the first time is free!

Some of us write poetry ourselves, some have published or broadcast, some have performed at readings in various parts of the country, and some come along simply to read and appreciate the poetry under discussion.

Whatever your interest or talent, we'll be glad to see you with us.


For more information e-mail


find us on Facebook



Drifting on a tide from long ago

They swing at anchor silently

Wreathed in early morning mist

Like ghosts grown mellow with antiquity.

With names like Gladys, Will and Edith May

Heroic legends motionless on ancient bows

They are waiting for the breeze, patiently

Submissive to the whims of air and ebb.

Later with windlass rattling as anchors are raised

Sails set at the stirring of wind over tide

They bear away a pageant of remembered trade,

A flock of stately seabirds through the lanes.

© Adrian Green



The curlew and the heron call,

the hissing mud and whispering wings

beat eery through the idle air

until the moonlit midnight silence falls

and then the tide flows softly

through the gut and sluice of estuary sands

and dark against the dreamlit sky

the trees arise from hedgerows,

and the hills

alive with monstrous shapes

are menacing with soundless fear,

and still below the blundering man,

the beery and uncertain head,

the stubbled fields hold secrets now

and silence fills the river bed.



© Adrian Green

1-Adrian Green July 2006 2-Chorus and Coda Cover

Adrian Green



Adrian Green lives overlooking the sea in Southend, Essex. He has been reviews editor of Littoral, a magazine featuring poetry and articles of nature and the spirit, editor of SOL magazine,

and has published 2 pamphlet collections - Beachgame (1977) and The Watchers (1987) - as well as poems and

reviews in a number of magazines and anthologies.

Chorus and Coda is a retrospective and contemporary selection of work by a writer who has been described as “a careful exact craftsman” and “not one

who rushes everything into print” (Essex Countryside).