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Local people have loaned a fascinating collection of clothing, photographs and memorabilia that trace a 70 year history of subcultures in the town. Alongside the exhibits, oral historian Juliana Vandegrift has recorded interviews with local residents, and photographer, Katharine Fraser has captured Southend’s contemporary subcultural scene.

A new exhibition exploring Southend’s subcultures is now open at the Beecroft Art Gallery. From the Southend punk scene to mods, rockers and beyond, the exhibition will explore subcultures both past and present.

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The exhibition explores the venues that have been central to Southend’s subcultural story, such as The Studio Club for 1960s mods and Focus Youth Centre that held many punk gigs. Highlights of the exhibition include Teddy Boy drape suits, skinhead tonic suits and punk clothing from notorious shop, Nasty in Southend.

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Colchester Arts Society - Beecroft Gallery, Southend


07 SEPTEMBER -                    02 NOVEMBER 2019



      19 OCTOBER 2019

           11:00 - 15:00




 Are you a proud Essex girl? Are you sick of being marginalised and stereotyped?

  Join us for a day of placard making to celebrate the powerful identify of girls from Essex, and share your xperiences with us.

The Essex Girls Liberation Front will be exploring these issues in a new exhibition at the Beecroft Art Gallery, by challenging these stereotypes and shining a light on some incredible Essex girls.


We are Essex girls and proud – Join us for this FREE DROP-IN!