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Sheila lives in Chelmsford in Essex with her husband Alane having three married daughters and six grandchildren. She says she has been writing ever since she was a little girl, achieving her lifelong ambition to have a novel published, with the acceptance in 2002 of 'The Trouble With Ally'. Prior to this having short stories published in women's magazines for about ten years.

Sheila Norton

When Michelle Peacham's boyfriend disappears in the middle of a pub lunch, she's somewhat surprised. Robbie might not be the love of her life but she can generally to rely on him to stick around—especially when there's the promise of food in his immediate future. Bur Michelle has to face the fact that Robbie seems to have disappeared without a trace. Meanwhile Michelle's mom Penny has become an accidental celebrity. And all because she revealed on local radio that the secret of her long marriage is keeping her husband sweet with regular servings of his favorite dessert. Does the Peacham family recipe for Bread Pudding have special powers? Somehow Michelle doubts it, but as the weeks drift by with no sign of Robbie, Michelle can't help but think that she too could do with a magical recipe for love.

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Colette Kebell is an eclectic author, though a relatively new one and thus far has self-published her books. Her books are light-hearted, fun and quirky and even considered by some to be inspirational. She publishes mostly for the English speaking market and the Italian one. Colette Kebell does not stick to just one genre when writing though, as you shall discover from her latest book launched in April 2019.


Colette Kebell - Author

Born and bred in the sunny seaside town of Brighton, one of the first literary conundrums Shani had to deal with was her own name – Shani can be pronounced in a variety of ways but in this instance it’s Shay-nee not Shar-ney or Shan-ni – although she does indeed know a Shanni – just to confuse matters further! Hobbies include reading and writing – so no surprises there. After graduating from Sussex University with a degree in English and American Literature, Shani became a freelance copywriter. Twenty years later, the day job includes crafting novels too. Writing both contemporary fiction and paranormal mystery, she is the author of The Runaway Year and The Runaway Ex, both published by Omnific Publishing. Her paranormal work is published by Crooked Cat Publishing and includes Jessamine and the bestselling Psychic Surveys Book One: The Haunting of Highdown Hall and Psychic Surveys Book Two: Rise to Me. All are available on Amazon.

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 Author of paranormal fiction, including the best-selling Psychic Surveys series, the Jessamine series,  and the This Haunted World series.

Find her on Amazon or 

Shani Struthers

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Liam Livings is a Romantic Novel Awards shortlisted gay romance novelists who shares his house with his boyfriend and cats. He enjoys baking, cooking, classic cars and friendship. He has a sweet tooth for food and entertainment: loving to escape from real life with a romantic book; enjoying a good cry at a sad, funny and camp film; and listening to musical cheesy pop from the eighties to now.

  Published since 2013 by a number of British and American presses, his gay romance and gay fiction focuses on friendships, British humour, romance with plenty of sparkle. He’s a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. With a masters in creative writing from Kingston University, he teaches writing workshops with his partner in sarcasm and humour, Virginia Heath as and has also ghostwritten a client’s 5 Star reviewed autobiography.


   Twitter: @LiamLivings


Website and blog:




His Facebook group, Liam’s Tea and Chat:

   His latest books are on his Amazon author page:


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Liam Livings, gay romance & fiction author

British humour with plenty of sparkle

Marketing & manuscript support

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Shani can be pronounced in a variety of ways but in this instance it’s Shay-nee not Shar-ney or Shan-ni – although she does indeed know a Shanni



The Story of Southend's Favourite Ice Cream

by Patricia Volante


Agostino Rossi left his mountain home in Italy in 1901 aged just twelve years old. As he travelled to Britain where his uncle had found work for him, he could never have imagined that he would establish several successful ice cream parlours, nor that more than 100 years on his name would still be synonymous with an award-winning ice cream brand. Yet it wasn't all plain sailing for the Rossi clan, especially during war time when Italians were forbidden to live near coastlines and treated with suspicion, but thanks to the enthusiasm of customers in Southend, Essex, business boomed. This is a tale of love, hardship, family and Agostino's passion for the perfect ice cream recipe.

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How a radio maker changed the world

by Chris Poole and Peter C Brown


When Eric Cole discovered a way to use electricity to power radios in 1922, it was to change his life forever, and his name became a global brand of the must-have gadgets of the day.His company EKCO invented the car radio, the first portable television, convection heaters and fluorescent lighting. Less known is its role in the birth of radar,  guided missiles and secret war production.From plastic baby baths to medical equipment, the EKCO brand touched most people’s lives in its 40 years in business. Eric Cole was one of the first to establish apprenticeships, paid holidays and occupational pension schemes.This book offers a unique and fascinating insight into EKCO and its founder from the people who worked there, and is sure to appeal to everyone interested in the history of Southend and British invention.


by Una Rose


The Tokyo Express, an historical family saga set in Japan and Ireland and follows the lives of two families between 1945 and the modern day. The 2011 tsunami has struck north of Tokyo, and as Conor desperately tries to find Mimi, his Japanese wife, he is forced to admit that it was his own selfish actions that caused Mimi to return to her home-town just before the disaster. He is also reminded of his grandfather's tragic love affair in post-war Japan. Is Conor about to repeat the same mistakes? This is a story, based on historical facts, which crosses continents and generations and eventually leads Conor to realise forgiveness is an incredible gift.

" Everyone in Southend knows of Rossi’s Ice Cream but the history is perhaps less well known (myself included) and confused over time. This book is a charming short history setting the record straight from Vallerotonda (in Italy) to Southend via Glasgow and covers everything from coping through the war years to evolving with the changing face both of Southend High Street. Highly recommend you read it!

Waterstones reviewer

An intoxicating tale of love and misunderstanding. The story of Conor, the main protagonist, is beautifully subtle, his faults and the reasons for them being gradually exposed against a deftly drawn Irish rural scene. Conor's mother, Maureen, is another superb character. This is an assured and passionately written book.”

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Imagine if we could combine dreams and reality to create a world in which we live forever.

This is one of the central themes of Another Life, the upcoming fourth novel by local author Owen W Knight.

 Set in a secretive, hidden corner of Middle England, the novel combines folklore, legends and ancient beliefs with the contemporary issue of what it means to be human in an increasingly technological world.

Thirty years ago, Oliver Merryweather is intrigued by a woman who waves to him from the window of a house in a village he discovers by accident.

 In the present day, Oliver believes his life to be a series of failures and regrets. When the same woman appears to him in a dream, Oliver embarks on an obsessive quest to find her. With the village inexplicably absent from all maps, all he has to go on is the unusual mark on her wrist.

 Journeying back into his past, Oliver finds himself inextricably drawn into a decades-old mystery involving missing children, pagan beliefs and the Green Man of folklore, while coming face to face with the disappointments and tragedies of his own life. As the story draws towards its unexpected and uplifting conclusion, the line between reality, dreams and memory begins to blur and Oliver gains an insight into the true purpose of his existence.

 Owen is a writer of contemporary speculative fiction. He grew up in Southend-on-Sea at a time when children spent their days outdoors, creating imaginary worlds that formed the basis of their adventures. He uses this experience to create worlds based on documented myths, with elements of dystopia, mystery and science fiction, highlighting the use and abuse of power and conflicts associated with ethical values.

 Another Life is available 1st May from independent bookshops and online stores. All are delivering during the current crisis.

Owen can be contacted though his website, his Facebook page @OwenKnightAuthor, or on Twitter  @OwenKnightUK.

‘It’s A Wonderful Life for the 21st Century’

1-Author 5

An Exciting New Novel from a Local Author

Owen Knight

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