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We would love Southend Christians to consider joining in a nationwide prayer initiative between April and June. Details are available at


The site also carries prayer resources for individuals, groups or churches (on-line of course!) to use.


You could consider being involved in any of these ways:

• sign up for an hour’s prayer at a time(s) that suits you

• encourage any other Christian you know to do the same

• sign up for someone else who would like to be involved but does not have internet access

• if you are a church leader to consider a) passing this information on to your congregation and/or b) to sign your congregation up for a 24hr period if you feel you have capacity for that.


Many people are serving our communities in magnificent ways – here’s another way any of us can serve our nation and honour Jesus.


Thank you for giving this your consideration.


Mark Churchward – for the Love Southend Servant Team

6 Clarence Road


Get Directions


Call 07938 847147

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I am proud to announce that St. Saviour’s has stepped in to host the Southend Food-bank.

 If you are able to get out and donate, you may drop of your donations to St. Saviour’s Church Hall, Chadwick Road Westcliff, on Wednesdays between 2-3.45pm. a dedicated drop off point  has been set up  to support this cause safely .Please follow the social distancing protocols when you do. Thank you so much for those who have already donated.

I have also received local news of folks pulling together as we are asked to be apart. Thank you to everyone who are working to help others. Please do so safely. Let's remember those who work in our shops, hospitals and factories and farms and thank God for them.

 And finally, with Captain Tom, Camping at home for the NHS and the Various Service Staff, and the Thursday night 8pm Clap... would you please pray as we recognise these beautiful acts of kindness, that the love of God be felt across our world.


Revd. Lee Mullen, St. Saviour's Church, 33 Kings Road, SS0 8LL

Welcome to St. Saviour's Church in Westcliff!

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This meeting is being held online via Zoom video conferencing. If you would like details of how to join this event please email [email protected]

 Love Southend in the lockdown


  We are resolved to continue to meet our mandate of showing God’s love throughout the Borough of Southend.  We honour the powerful witness to God’s love that is being expressed by individual Christians, churches and Christian ministries in the borough in these challenging days; and the magnificent work of key and essential workers in our community.

 Convinced that exalting the name of Jesus in worship and standing in the gap for our community in prayer and intercession is a vital need for the borough, we have positioned the Love Southend network to be a focus for borough-wide worship and intercession.  We are maintaining our schedule of meetings but they are all now opportunities for worship and prayer by Zoom. You would be most welcome to join us.

 If you would like to join one of these worship/intercession times please email [email protected]  

Online Zoom Love Southend Worship & Prayer Gathering


Date(s) - 26 Apr 2020

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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1-bible live

A twice-weekly livestream on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12.05 to read and ponder bible texts together in pursuit of the living God and what He’s saying to us today.  Join St Michael & All Angels, Westcliff-on-Sea in your lunch break for 30 minutes and feel free to interact with us and others in the comments.

See it on our Facebook page

Or simultaneously on YouTube

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Westcliff Free Church

635 London Road

Westcliff on Sea



01702 331205


Date(s) - 22 Oct 2020

12:05 pm - 12:45 pm

Bible Live @ 12.05 has returned and is now available via YouTube.


Join Tom, Mike and Steve as they share The Bible with us every Thursday lunchtime, during term time.  There is the opportunity to comment and ask questions via YouTube during the session.


Love Southend Network Meeting with Sir David Amess MP



Date(s) - 25 Oct 2020

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The meeting will be likely held via Zoom. If you would like to join us please email [email protected] for details.

An evening where we can hear from Southend West MP Sir David Amess, regarding his vision and hopes for Southend. As a long standing local MP Sir David has a unique opportunity to become aware of the challenges….and the opportunities…that Southend has. We will hear his ambitions for the Borough, and about the opportunities the churches in Southend can play as part of the improving the Borough. It will be an opportunity to pray for our Borough, and pray for Sir David in his role as one of the two members of Parliament for the area.


Please Note: This is NOT a political meeting. This is not an opportunity to make political or policy comments either by Sir David, nor those attending. Love Southend feel strongly that there are plenty of other forums for such discussions to take place. So please refrain from taking the opportunity to make the meeting into something it was not envisioned to be.  Both Love Southend and Sir David are aware that there may be those present who feel very differently from the national Government and its policies, or those who support them fully.  But this meeting is about the church taking its place, and doing what it ought and praying for all those in authority….whether we voted for them, or not