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While social media may have you be[ieve that miLl.ennial.s are the most active group, a recent survey has reveaIed that over-65s are giving them a run for their money. A study of 7,6oo adul.ts by Nuffiel,d Health showed that 44 per cent in the over-65 age category take part in sports eight or more tirnes per month. with swimming the most popular activity among the age category. However, many older peop[e spend ro hours or more sitting every day. with a higher risk of fatl.s, heart disease and obesity as a resutt. NHS guide[ines suggest that over-G5s shou[d do at least 15O minutes pc]- week of aerobic activity such as cycLing or watking, combined withtwoormoredays of strength exercises to work the major muscte groups. Exercise isn't just important for your physicai health - st'urdies show that it can hetp with depression and improve cognitive perforrnance and group classss are a useful way to alLev;ate [oneLiness.

Volunteer at Club 50+

We are looking for volunteers to help out at our community club, Club 50+, as hosts and receptionists.


To find out more about joining the team please call 01702 345373

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A NEW wellbeing referral programme that will see subsidised exercise sessions introduced to help people get active and to keep them well, will launch at the end of January 2020.

 The scheme for all adults will be subsidised by ending the four free swims per year currently offered to residents over 65 years old, which has seen less than 20 people per month on average take up the offer.

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is introducing the new scheme of various health and fitness classes, in partnership with Everyone Health and Fusion Lifestyle.

 GP’s will be able to refer residents who are over the age of 16, currently inactive and living with one or more specific health conditions.

There will be a mixture of group classes, one-to-one exercise, gym sessions, swimming, and specialist classes for certain health conditions, such as heart and lung issues and pain management, costing just £2 each.

Cllr Trevor Harp, cabinet member for health and adult social care, said: “With a low number of people taking up the four free swims offer and bearing in mind national funding for free swimming was taken away nearly 10 years ago, the simple fact is that the public cost of providing this are now disproportionate to the numbers of people benefitting.

“We therefore believe it makes sense to put the budget we have for this into subsidising something that will have positive health benefits for a wider section of the local community.

“I am pleased we can offer these courses for those that need the intervention, which people can access via a GP referral, and that we can make it affordable with a subsidised cost. Not only does it help our residents, it supports our local NHS by giving additional or continued physical activity support, to manage or alleviate ongoing health conditions.

“As a local authority we have a duty to give our residents every opportunity to increase the activity they do, in order to improve and protect and improve their health and wellbeing. Our hope is that once residents take up these sessions, they will be encouraged to continue on with their own physical activities.”

 The card entitling residents over 65 to four free swimming sessions will stop being issued on 31 December 2019. People will have until 31 January 2020 to use their sessions. The new exercise sessions will cost £2 per session and begin in February 2020.


The courses include:


·       12 week supervised introduction to physical activity. Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre, Shoeburyness Leisure Centre and Chase Sports and Fitness Centre.


·       12 swims during any public swimming session. Belfairs Swim Centre, Shoeburyness Leisure Centre and Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre.

·       Water therapy classes at Belfairs Swim Centre.

·       Pulmonary classes at Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre.  Low intensity circuit to help improve endurance and the body’s ability to use oxygen efficiently.


·       Cardia rehabilitation classes at Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre. Designed to improve cardiovascular health.


·       Pain management course focusing on people with back pain. Details to be confirmed.


For more information about these sessions, we will be updating our Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Public Health Facebook page.


Those who do not qualify for a GP referral but still want to access exercise classes, can speak directly to the venues about pay-as-you-go and membership options.


  Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre: 01702 613000


 Chase Sports and Fitness Centre: 01702 433006


Belfairs Swim Centre: 01702 712155


Shoeburyness Leisure Centre: 01702 293558

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Club 50 is a local club in central Southend for the over 50’s.


This information was originally published in July 2009 but has been updated in December 2017

 The club meets every weekday for various activities including: Short Mat Bowls, Cards, Snooker, TableTennis, Art Club, Darts, Dancing – Belly, Ballroom, Line and sequence, Tai Chi, Yoga ,Keep Fit and Computer/internet for beginners.  Where tutors are involved there is a small additional fee.  The activities are not compulsory. You can just come along and enjoy the company. We also have a tea bar providing teas, coffees and small meals at afforadable prices, prepared and served by volunteer members.

 The club has no paid staff and is run by volunteers doing the office work and manning the tea bar.  New volunteers are always welcome, so if you have a bit of spare time why not put it to good use?

Children’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health's Aim

All three local authorities in Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) and 7 Clinical Commissioning Groups are committed to improving the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people through extensive transformation focusing on:


Improving access and equality

Building capacity and capability in the system

Building resilience in the community

Principles of the transformation plans in SET


The plan is built upon six agreed principles:


1. Early action – avoiding and preventing mental health problems

2. No judgement, no stigma – with care that is right for each individual, delivered in safe places and with children and young people having a say in decisions

3. Support for the whole family – with care as a part of daily life, backed up by professionals and specialists when needed

4. Inform and empower – with information there for everyone and simple to access, providing the tools for self-care and resilience, as well as recovery

5. Joined-up services – efficient, effective and clear for all to understand

6. Better outcomes – through evidence-based care and listening and responding to feedback

Coping Well, Feeling Well…

The emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people is “everybody’s business". In 2015 the national guidance “Future in Mind” further sets the challenge while providing the steer for the next five years. It focuses on early intervention, evidenced-based treatment and achieving measurable outcomes for children, young people and their families.

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Children’s Emotional Wellbeing                and Mental Health

Carer Counselling Service


Southend Carers offer a FREE Counselling service to carers to be able to speak to a trained counsellor in confidence in a comfortable setting.

 Carers are a unique group of people who provide free care for their loved ones, friends or neighbours often resulting in the carer themselves becoming unwell due to exhaustion, stress, frustration, anxiety, isolation and sometimes financial pressures, due to the heavy demands of their caring role.  If you would like to access this service call 01702-393933 to book a place or email if you wish to contact our Carer Counselling Service.


Telephone Support Service

This service started in September 2019 offering emotional support on a regular basis over the phone and checks in with vulnerable carers giving them a chance to talk through their concerns and issues around their caring role.


We are calling carers during the day and one evening with a particular emphasis on Employed Carers, Carers over 80, Carers looking after more than one person, Carers who look after someone with Alzheimer’s /Dementia, Carers who are unwell, Former carers up to a year after their cared for has died, and Parent Carers, that we have identified from a cohort of our registered carers.


End of Life Service Emotional Support Service

At Southend Carers we know the challenges carers face when caring for someone with a life limiting condition.


You may need to talk to someone or need information to help you.

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At First Bus, your safety is our top priority. In the wake of the evolving impacts of coronavirus, we are working with the Government and wider industry to ensure we are following the latest advice to keep you safe on our buses.

 We recognise that buses play a significant role in many of our customers’ lives; in connecting you with communities and places of work. We remain focused on continuing to serve you, wherever and whenever it is safe and operationally possible for us to do so.

 Keeping our customers safe

To help keep you safe we're taking the following action:

 Stepping up our cleaning regimes including regular disinfection of all grab rails and poles, entrance door handles, window ledges and other touchpoints

Encouraging good hand hygiene amongst all our staff

Displaying NHS advice on our buses wherever it is practical to do so.

We’d also value your help in staying up-to-date with the latest coronavirus information by using the NHS or Department of Health and Social Care websites.

Wash your hands with soap and water frequently for at least 20 seconds.

Use hand sanitiser whenever soap and water are unavailable.

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and then place the tissue into the bin straight away.

We encourage all customers to switch to contactless payments and purchasing tickets via our Mobile app where possible. We appreciate your assistance in helping to limit the spread of coronavirus.


Service Updates

In the event that we have to make short notice changes as this situation evolves, updated timetables will be published on our website in the first instance. We’ll do all we can to keep providing you with the service you expect. It may become difficult to keep real time information and service changes updated in our app so please refer to our website for the latest updates.


Travel Plans

We understand that it may be challenging to plan too far ahead at the moment. In line with current Government advice, our standard terms and conditions of travel remain in place. If you are uncertain of your rights and the flexibility of your ticket you can find them here. Thanks for your ongoing custom and support.

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