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Be sure to visit the exhibition open during, the Forum, Southend opening times:

Monday – Friday, 8am - 7pm

Saturday, 8am - 5pm

Sunday, 11am – 4pm



Roo is an Illustrator, Muralist, Graphic Designer and Teacher, with a distinct style and an open mind. She has an array of unique and original characters and is known for her thick, clean strokes and inviting colours.

 Roo enjoys travelling far and wide to make her mark in homes, at festivals, events and for different companies all over the world! She makes her art on walls, paper, canvas, stickers, computer and whatever she finds to inspire her!

  Roo uses methods and an extensive understanding of materials to develop her art, make commissions and teach others.

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Mural in Southend High Street unveiled to raise hate crime awareness

Swimwear from 1940-1969


Now available to hire at your Venue


This exhibition explores the style, design and inspiration of women’s swimwear during the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Through the display of bathing suits, two-pieces and bikinis, the exhibition highlights the changing shape and coverage of swimwear alongside our changing attitudes towards the body.

 With the heyday of the English seaside holiday and the increasing accessibility of overseas travel, swimwear production gained momentum during this time. The development of new fibres with stretchy, shiny and water resistant qualities, allowed swimwear design to become more adventurous and embellished than ever before.

During these three decades, swimwear changed dramatically in its structure, coverage and associations. What started out as sturdy garments designed to hold everything in, push everything up, and flatten everything out, ended as a few bits of flimsy fabric that signified a change in both fashion and culture. This is a touring exhibition funded by Arts Council England and is now available to hire.


Please email or call 01702 212511 for details about hiring the exhibition.

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